Introverts Need Alone Time

Extroverts come alive by being around other people. Introverts, on the other hand, need to be by themselves in order to recharge. If you’re an introvert and not getting some much needed alone time, you will likely be feeling overwhelmed, taxed, and emotional. Being alone is a beautiful practice to have. It is a time… Continue reading Introverts Need Alone Time

Miscommunication is a Given

Miscommunication happens so frequently that people have no idea the other person is thinking something completely different than what they said. Words are tricky. Why? Because words have various meanings and when you put them together in a certain way in a sentence they again can have immeasurable meanings for another person. This happens because… Continue reading Miscommunication is a Given

Putting Yourself First is Essential

Why do you not choose yourself first? This is the question I often ask my clients who tell me how they are overwhelmed, irritable, can barely get out of bed, and find housework inundating. They are constantly doing things for everyone else. They are people pleasers, and they can’t say no. They have no boundaries.… Continue reading Putting Yourself First is Essential

You’ve Got to go Into the Dark to Get to the Light

I know I’ve been talking about the importance of doing your own healing work and that we are being called to do so at this time in the earth’s and our soul’s history over many lifetimes. I thought it was important today to talk about what some might call the dark night of the soul.… Continue reading You’ve Got to go Into the Dark to Get to the Light

Your Soul’s Awakening

There are a lot of intense energies going around these days. Not only from what is going on for the collective – the world – but for each individual human being. We are really being called to do our work right now. What does that mean? It means dealing with your emotions, triggers, unhealthy behaviors,… Continue reading Your Soul’s Awakening

Fear is a Pre-Requisite to Growth and Transformation

When you don’t know how to do something, or you are confronted with some past hurt, you start to question your abilities and the subconscious part of your brain starts to bring all your limiting beliefs up to the surface. What transpires is fear! Your brain doesn’t like change. It wants to keep you safe;… Continue reading Fear is a Pre-Requisite to Growth and Transformation

Trauma is Energy

With the solar eclipse last month and the lunar eclipse this month, along with the shifting of the earth’s energy and humans ascending to a higher vibration than the current 3D dense reality, we are being called to work on and release our traumas. This higher vibration we are experiencing can’t share space with dense… Continue reading Trauma is Energy

Self-Reflection – Knowing Yourself

People go through day after day without ever stopping to check in with themselves. How are they feeling? What are their thoughts? What is happening in their body? If you don’t stop to connect with yourself and your experiences, how can you ever know how you’re actually doing and what you need to change to… Continue reading Self-Reflection – Knowing Yourself

Healing Support for Grief and Loss

In light of the recent Humboldt Broncos tragedy, where 16 people died in a horrific bus crash in Saskatchewan, with 13 others seriously injured, I felt it was important to write about grief and loss. When faced with a tragedy, we often feel helpless to comfort those in need or we may struggle to understand… Continue reading Healing Support for Grief and Loss