Grief and Loss – It Sneaks Up on You When You Least Expect It

Have you ever gone about your life and everything is great and then boom you’re inexplicably in a shit storm of sadness and the weight is pulling you into the deepest recesses of despair? Sometimes the weight can feel so heavy that any forward movement feels excruciatingly painful and impossible. That is grief and loss!… Continue reading Grief and Loss – It Sneaks Up on You When You Least Expect It

Your Soul’s Awakening

There are a lot of intense energies going around these days. Not only from what is going on for the collective – the world – but for each individual human being. We are really being called to do our work right now. What does that mean? It means dealing with your emotions, triggers, unhealthy behaviors,… Continue reading Your Soul’s Awakening

Vulnerability – True Connection Can’t Happen Without It

Today’s blood moon and lunar eclipse is all about receiving information, change, and experiencing radical shifts in our lives. Eclipses are about releasing and purging what is holding us back from moving forward in our life. More specially, this blood moon in Taurus is about adopting comfort, safety, security, and pleasure. It is about prioritizing… Continue reading Vulnerability – True Connection Can’t Happen Without It

Tapping into Your Intuition

Tapping into your intuition has never been more critical. We live a world where we are constantly bombarded with information, misinformation, lies, and persuasion. Everyone has an agenda. People are trying to sell you on their politics, practices, products, and points of view. Confirmation bias occurs because the ego needs to be right in order… Continue reading Tapping into Your Intuition