Embodied Awareness

“We are more than our wounds. By learning to connect with one’s inner resources, individuals become aware that they are greater than the injuries they suffered. In time, and with practice, one learns to ‘embody’ one’s greater inner Self which is already ‘whole’ instead of only wounded or shattered.”

Dr. Beth Hedva, Embodied Awareness Founder

Embodied Awareness is a spiritually-direct therapy where a client learns to: empty oneself of ordinary consciousness; become an instrument for universal healing energies; and be receptive to wisdom and inner guidance transmitted via ones: senses, emotions, thoughts, and expanded intuitive perceptions. As the client embodies and actualizes healing in their own life, it allows them to lead by example by modeling a path towards personal healing and community renewal. The TRUST Method is used to engage the client in their inner work. The inner work process engages subtle inner resources and cultivates the Spiritual Witness.

What Does TRUST Stand For? 

  • Turn Inward – by shifting their attention inward it allows the client to discover a greater truth.
  • Relax – it allows the client to release body tension and mental tension, such as prejudices, biases, and other mental attachments, and to become more receptive.
  • Use Insight to Understanding – by using inner and outer resources it helps the client to gain greater awareness.
  • Speak, Share, Stand-Up – sharing perceptions, hunches, and knowings.
  • Try Again – turning inward and trying again.

Goals of Embodied Awareness

  • To look within and listen to your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuitive perceptions.
  • To clarify your boundaries and have compassion for yourself.
  • To recognize and release false beliefs and attachments, self-limiting habits, and disturbing patterns of behavior.
  • To mourn losses by acknowledging and appreciating feelings as they arise.
  • To learn to detach from bad behavior that is a misguided attempt to meet one’s needs.
  • To become more skillful through observing and acting to correct your way as needed.
  • To explore living from your infinite potential as a human being and to trust your inner knowing.

How Does Embodied Awareness Help?

  • It connects you with your inner and outer healing resources: breath work, energy work, intention, and intuition to heal the past and balance mind, body, heart, and spirit.
  • It helps you to observe and become mindful of stress reactions, such as shock, crisis, grief/mourning, and mental health concerns, and to gain insight/resilience in yourself and others.
  • It supports deep listening and compassion for yourself and others with your whole body, heart, and soul.
  • It engages you with your creativity and intuition using the 12 senses of Embodied Awareness and to gain self-directed inner guidance to provide you with personal insight, value, meaning, and healing.
  • It empowers you to follow your inner-guidance and practice self-care.