Your Soul’s Awakening

There are a lot of intense energies going around these days. Not only from what is going on for the collective – the world – but for each individual human being. We are really being called to do our work right now. What does that mean? It means dealing with your emotions, triggers, unhealthy behaviors,… Continue reading Your Soul’s Awakening

Being Sensitive and Empathic is a Gift and a Curse

People who are extremely sensitive or empathic have a difficult time discerning what is their stuff and what is someone else’s. They feel so deeply that it can affect their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I consider it a gift to be able to feel one’s own and other people’s emotions. Many of my clients… Continue reading Being Sensitive and Empathic is a Gift and a Curse

Trauma is Energy

With the solar eclipse last month and the lunar eclipse this month, along with the shifting of the earth’s energy and humans ascending to a higher vibration than the current 3D dense reality, we are being called to work on and release our traumas. This higher vibration we are experiencing can’t share space with dense… Continue reading Trauma is Energy

How to Love Your Body!

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the importance of loving yourself. Once you start to treat yourself with respect and kindness by stating only loving words about yourself and setting healthy boundaries, you can start to have a different relationship with your body. For women who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault, it can… Continue reading How to Love Your Body!