Connecting to Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Many people struggle with feeling alone and that they have no support from anyone around them. If we don’t have good people we can count on to go over the things that are troubling us, it can feel like a heavy burden to carry. We need validation, support, love, caring, and compassion in our lives… Continue reading Connecting to Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Trauma is Energy

With the solar eclipse last month and the lunar eclipse this month, along with the shifting of the earth’s energy and humans ascending to a higher vibration than the current 3D dense reality, we are being called to work on and release our traumas. This higher vibration we are experiencing can’t share space with dense… Continue reading Trauma is Energy

Tapping into Your Intuition

Tapping into your intuition has never been more critical. We live a world where we are constantly bombarded with information, misinformation, lies, and persuasion. Everyone has an agenda. People are trying to sell you on their politics, practices, products, and points of view. Confirmation bias occurs because the ego needs to be right in order… Continue reading Tapping into Your Intuition

Connecting to Your Body Isn’t Easy!

Ourselves, other people, and society are constantly giving us messages about what our body should and shouldn’t be. Too fat. Too thin. Too sexy. Not sexy enough. Unattractive. Attractive. It’s no wonder most women have a hate-hate relationship with their body. We are more than just our body, but sadly years of societal norms, expected… Continue reading Connecting to Your Body Isn’t Easy!