Self-Reflection – Knowing Yourself

People go through day after day without ever stopping to check in with themselves. How are they feeling? What are their thoughts? What is happening in their body? If you don’t stop to connect with yourself and your experiences, how can you ever know how you’re actually doing and what you need to change to… Continue reading Self-Reflection – Knowing Yourself

How to Love Yourself!

If you hate yourself, than it’s highly unlikely you’re going to love your body. If you hate your body, than likely you hate yourself. You can’t extricate one part of your being without it affecting all parts of you. When you look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself how fat you are,… Continue reading How to Love Yourself!

Connecting to Your Body Isn’t Easy!

Ourselves, other people, and society are constantly giving us messages about what our body should and shouldn’t be. Too fat. Too thin. Too sexy. Not sexy enough. Unattractive. Attractive. It’s no wonder most women have a hate-hate relationship with their body. We are more than just our body, but sadly years of societal norms, expected… Continue reading Connecting to Your Body Isn’t Easy!