Leave Your Inhibitions at the Door

When it comes to men, for the most part, they are ready to have sex anytime and anywhere. Women, on the other hand, are typically not physiologically designed that way. Women need to feel intimately connected to their partner, they need to feel sexually aroused and desired, and, for some, that can take time. Women… Continue reading Leave Your Inhibitions at the Door

Pleasuring Yourself – An Act of Self-Love

Nothing saddens me more than hearing a client say to me they would be happy with never having sex again. We are sexual beings. It’s not just about procreation. We are meant to touch and explore each other’s bodies as a means of intimate connection. For some, just the thought of being sexually intimate with… Continue reading Pleasuring Yourself – An Act of Self-Love

How to Love Your Body!

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the importance of loving yourself. Once you start to treat yourself with respect and kindness by stating only loving words about yourself and setting healthy boundaries, you can start to have a different relationship with your body. For women who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault, it can… Continue reading How to Love Your Body!